Roger Dubuis

VIDEO: 2019 Roger Dubuis Serata Dubai

Roger Dubuis Serata Dubai, Lamborghini Club America’s inaugural international event checked off bucket-list adventures. Guests indulged in Dubai’s ultra-luxe lifestyle throughout the five-day discovery; carefully crated to the highest of standards, designed for the refined tastes of the most discerning Lamborghini owner. Lamborghini adventure drive through the UAE mountains; camel polo, Arabian Desert champagne sunset;… Read more »

Roger Dubuis Serata Italiana Lamborghini Gala SOLD OUT

Roger Dubuis Serata Italiana

Tickets for this year’s gala are sold out but a waiting list has been implemented on our website. Guests that purchased tickets can expect many surprises this year… some highlights from new venue is a spectacular panoramic view of Carmel Valley and Monterey Bay at the Clint Eastwood private estate, Tehama Golf Club, a Champagne… Read more »