Join Us to Celebrate the Lamborghini Countach 50th Anniversary

You are invited to attend and celebrate the Lamborghini Club America’s 41st annual Monterey Car Week gathering, highlighting the Lamborghini Countach 50th anniversary.

50 years ago at the Geneva Motor Show, the undisputed star of the event was introduced: the beautiful, clean, futuristic lines of the Lamborghini Countach LP 500.

The origin of the name of this car lies in the dialect of the Piedmont region. In its final stages of assembly, the car was hidden in a shed for agricultural machinery on a farm near Grugliasco (province of Turin) to avoid possible work stoppages related to labor unrest, and was “discovered” by a farmer who exclaimed in amazement and enthusiasm, “Countach!” (a word in Piedmontese dialect expressing wonderment). When Piedmont-born Marcello Gandini became aware of the fact, he thought that this word had a particularly strong communicative force and also convinced Nuccio Bertone, Ferruccio Lamborghini, and his colleague Paolo Stanzani of this.

This year, Serata Italiana returns to the stunning Clint Eastwood private estate, Tehàma Golf Club for what will be regarded as one of the most anticipated and historic Countach gatherings to ever take place.

Don’t miss this iconic celebration. Secure your tickets now to this event, it has sold out every year for more than a decade!